Software Options

PRO-MIC's PC software offerings.
PRO-MIC PDL Desktop Fanless Workstation
This system provides computer hardware without any fans or moving air. This new hardware is designed specifically for industrial use.
PRO-MIC Quantum Software
Microsoft Windows PC-based storage and recall of profiles. Quantum is a simple to use program for profile storage, recall and target shape analysis. The current version includes the ability to compare up to three stored profiles at one time. Comparing profiles is a great feature for anyone interested in calculating roll wear, thermal expansion or analyzing any changes in roll profiles. Quantum combines powerful features with an easy to use interface. Quantum is networkable for multiple users and stores the profile data in Microsoft Access.
Bluetooth Wireless Communication
This new option provides wireless Bluetooth communication between your PRO-MIC System (Charger/Interface) and your PC running PRO-MIC's Quantum Software. Great for downloading roll profile data from the roll grinder location to a remote PC. Available for PRO-MIC Electronics and Charger/Interface.
RGB Engineering Computerized Crowner Retrofit System
Your PRO-MIC data can now provide a real time link to your RGB Engineering ( Crowner Control. PRO-MIC and RGB are working together to automate the bed correction process. Contact PRO-MIC or RGB for more information.
PRO-WIN Datalogger
A compact package designed for the user who needs complete access to the PRO-MIC's measurement data. The software can be automated for easy and quick downloading of all profile data into text files which can then be easily manipulated by the user or incorporated into an existing plant data system.