What's New

The latest updates from PRO-MIC.
  • PRO-MIC Store

    PRO-MIC now has an online store! Order batteries, cables, probes, contact tips, and more. Online ordering is currently available only in the U.S.

  • PRO-MIC Online Questionnaire

    Our questionnaire is now available online! Fill out the form and we'll contact you with more information as soon as we are able.

  • Super-Low Clearance Roll Profiling System

    New designs require as little at 35mm (1.378") of clearance for the PRO-MIC frame.

  • Bluetooth Wireless System

    This new option provides wireless Bluetooth communication between your PRO-MIC System and your PC running PRO-MIC's Visual Quantum Software. Great for downloading roll profile data from the roll grinder location to a remote PC. Also available for the PRO-MIC Charger/Interface.

  • High Resolution Measurement PRO-MIC

    PRO-MIC systems are available with a High Resolution (0.000005"/0.00012mm). This 5 millionths of an inch measurement ability is ready to be used in applications that require extremely fine detail.

  • PRO-MIC Fanless PC Hardware

    The PRO-MIC PDL Desktop Fanless Workstation provides computer hardware without any fans or moving air. This new hardware is designed specifically for industrial use.