We Measure

Roll Profile: diameter variation of a cylinder

Typical applications include: Mill Roll Grinding (to confirm grinding accuracy), Roll Wear Measurements, and Roll Thermal Expansion Profiles. Industries include: Flat rolled Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Titanium, Lead, Paper, Non-wovens, Magnetic Tape and Plastics among others. All data can be easily stored in your PC.

Special new Low Clearance systems are designed to measure calender rolls and other hard to access rolls. These new designs require as little at 35mm (1.378") of clearance for the PRO-MIC frame.

Electronic Systems are available in Dual Arm PRO-MIC TRUE End-to-End models and PRO-MIC Lightweight Precision Single Arm designs.

Manual Systems are available in Precision Dial Indicator.

Software Systems: data storage and inventory control

PRO-MIC Quantum Software is PRO-MIC's software package for Microsoft Window's based storage and recall of profiles. Quantum is a simple to use program for profile storage, recall and target shape analysis. The current versions includes PDF file creation and the ability to compare up to three stored profiles at one time. Comparing profiles is a great feature for anyone interested in calculating roll wear, thermal expansion or analyzing any changes in roll profiles. Quantum combines powerful features with an easy to use interface. Quantum is networkable for multiple users and stores the data in Microsoft Access.

Quantum Provides databased storage of roll profiles with target shapes, error plots, and measurement comparisons. SPC Charts and custom target shapes (Sine, CVC, Parabola, Taper-flat-Taper, etc) are also available.

Concentricity: the out-of-roundness of cylinders or rolls

Typical applications include: Mill Roll Concentricity comparing the roll body to the roll neck (bearing surface). Rolls can be checked in a grinder or lathe or in rolling mill.

PRO-MIC Roundness/Concentricity Electronic Systems are available with single probe or dual opposed probe configurations each with automatic rotation detection (proximity sensor). The rotation Detection can be wired or wireless. The measurements can readily be presented in a Polar Plot. All data can be easily stored in your PC.

Specialty Systems: for unique measurement problems

Over the past 39 years PRO-MIC has built a long list of custom measurement devices to meet specific needs. This photo gallery shows some of the devices. Please inquire about your application.