Complete Roll Measurement Solutions.

We design, build, and maintain electronic roll profile measurement systems. PRO-MIC units are easy to use and enable roll grinder operators to produce substantially better roll profiles with existing equipment by accurately measuring crown, crown location, and taper.

What We Measure



For more than 39 years, PRO-MIC has designed, built and maintained electronic roll profile measurement systems. Over 1,000 PRO-MIC Systems are in daily use in more than 300 locations worldwide. Most PRO-MICs are saddle micrometer (saddle mic, roll caliper) based, though we build many types of equipment.

The original "PRO-MIC" accurately records diameter variation across a roll or cylinder's face. The PRO-MIC lives up to its tried and proven reputation in the rugged atmosphere of rolling mills worldwide every day. Over the years, we have built systems to measure rolls from under 1 inch to over 80 inches in diameter (25mm to 2000mm). Repeatability is guaranteed to +/- one ten thousandth (+/-0.0001" / +/-0.0025mm). Many of the original PRO-MIC systems shipped in 1985 are still in use today.

We build a variety of measurement devices including: Roll and Cylinder Profile, Super Low Clearance Calender Roll measurement, Roundness/Concentricity for all rolls and cylinders, and Specialty Systems for any measurement application.

We are proud of our worldwide customer list which includes: Steel and Aluminum mills (plate, sheet and foil), Copper, Brass, Zinc and other specialty metals including Superconductors, Paper Converting and Coating, Rubber Calendering, Film, Magnetic Media, Plastics, Optics and Roll Grinding/Precision machining operations. Nearly any industry producing precise flat or round product is included on the list of PRO-MIC users.

We also design and supply PC based Software Applications to store and manage all data related to the PRO-MIC measurements. Roll Shop Software systems to help run your shop are also available.

Measurement resolution is available to 5 millionths of an inch (0.000005"/0.000125mm) - standard systems resolve to 20 millionths of an inch (0.000020"/0.0005mm). All systems operate in either Metric or Inch mode.

The latest generation of PRO-MICs is fully Digital, providing an easy to operate and maintain system anywhere in the world.