Technical Note TN-001

PDF literature providing a good summary of information about our roll profiling systems.

Quest for the Perfect Shape

An amusing sketch book story of the development of the PRO-MIC Systems over the years.

What's a PRO-MIC?

Good summary information for our Roll Profiling Systems.

Roll Profiling Systems

General roll measurement systems.
This patented dual-arm system measures complete end-to-end profiles in one continuous pass. If your rolls have to be right, this is the system to have.
PRO-MIC Lightweight Precision Single Arm Systems
The new version of the PRO-MIC single arm system; extremely light and easy to handle. Measures to within 2 inches of each end of the roll body. Simple, fast, easy.
PRO-MIC Manual Roll Caliper
The precision required for PRO-MIC saddles to measure electronically makes them outstanding when used as old fashioned dial indicator saddle mics.
PRO-MIC Low Clearance Systems
Low Clearance Designs to measure Calender rolls with 35mm of clearance.
PRO-MIC Rolling Caliper (Opposed Probe) Systems
This new version of the PRO-MIC single arm system used a rigid arm configuration and opposed Digital measurement probes. This design is popular for: extreme precision, rough or soft roll materials, large diameter backup rolls, The system is extremely light and easy to handle. Measures to within 2 inches of each end of the roll body.
PRO-MIC Digital Electronics
The latest generation of PRO-MIC Electronics is all Digital. Digital means no calibration adjustment and no worry about changing probes in the field without calibration. Many other improvements too.
PRO-MIC Retrofit Packages
The PRO-MIC electronics can be retrofitted to your existing manual saddle mic. The cost of an electronic profile measurement system can be greatly reduced by reusing your existing saddle.
PRO-MIC Mini-Z (Z-Mill Rolls)
Specially designed systems for measuring small OD rolls.

In-Place Measurement Systems

Measurement systems designed for hard-to-access rolls.
PRO-MIC Low Clearance Systems
Low Clearance Designs to measure Calender rolls with 35mm of clearance.
Mini Systems
Measure small diameter rolls (Sendzimir Mills).

Software Options

PRO-MIC's PC software offerings.
PRO-MIC PDL Desktop Fanless Workstation
This system provides computer hardware without any fans or moving air. This new hardware is designed specifically for industrial use.
PRO-MIC Quantum Software
Microsoft Windows PC-based storage and recall of profiles. Quantum is a simple to use program for profile storage, recall and target shape analysis. The current version includes the ability to compare up to three stored profiles at one time. Comparing profiles is a great feature for anyone interested in calculating roll wear, thermal expansion or analyzing any changes in roll profiles. Quantum combines powerful features with an easy to use interface. Quantum is networkable for multiple users and stores the profile data in Microsoft Access.
Bluetooth Wireless Communication
This new option provides wireless Bluetooth communication between your PRO-MIC System (Charger/Interface) and your PC running PRO-MIC's Quantum Software. Great for downloading roll profile data from the roll grinder location to a remote PC. Available for PRO-MIC Electronics and Charger/Interface.
RGB Engineering Computerized Crowner Retrofit System
Your PRO-MIC data can now provide a real time link to your RGB Engineering ( Crowner Control. PRO-MIC and RGB are working together to automate the bed correction process. Contact PRO-MIC or RGB for more information.
PRO-WIN Datalogger
A compact package designed for the user who needs complete access to the PRO-MIC's measurement data. The software can be automated for easy and quick downloading of all profile data into text files which can then be easily manipulated by the user or incorporated into an existing plant data system.

Accessories and Optional Measurement Abilities

Add additional capabilities to your PRO-MIC system.
PRO-MIC Roll Shape Analysis
This upgrade provides analysis of your ground profiles relative to a perfect theoretical sine curve. Used to judge a grinding machine's capabilities, accuracy and grinder bed wear condition. Shape Analysis is included in the Quantum PC Software Package and is also available in the PRO-MIC box itself (S/N 3000 and up).
Concentricity (Roundness) Measurement
Your existing PRO-MIC can measure the TIR and/or concentricity of rolls in your grinder. A polar plot is available from your PC with the Quantum software Concentricity package.
Temperature Measurement Option
Your existing PRO-MIC can measure the Thermal Profile of your rolls at the same time that it measures the diameter profile. Our system uses non contact infrared thermocouples to make the measurements. The system operation is virtually unchanged.

Specialty Systems

Over the past 30 years PRO-MIC has built a long list of custom measurement devices to meet specific needs. This photo gallery shows some of the devices. Please inquire about your application.
PRO-MIC Super-Low Clearance Roll Profiling System
PRO-MIC is pleased to offer all new Super Low Clearance Designs to measure Calender rolls and other difficult to access rolls. These new designs require as little at 35mm (1.378") of clearance for the PRO-MIC frame.
Mini Systems
To measure small diameter rolls (Sendzimir Mills).
PRO-MIC Rolling Caliper
Opposed probe systems for high-precision measurement needs.