Accessories and Optional Measurement Abilities

Add additional capabilities to your PRO-MIC system.
PRO-MIC Roll Shape Analysis
This upgrade provides analysis of your ground profiles relative to a perfect theoretical sine curve. Used to judge a grinding machine's capabilities, accuracy and grinder bed wear condition. Shape Analysis is included in the Quantum PC Software Package and is also available in the PRO-MIC box itself (S/N 3000 and up).
Concentricity (Roundness) Measurement
Your existing PRO-MIC can measure the TIR and/or concentricity of rolls in your grinder. A polar plot is available from your PC with the Quantum software Concentricity package.
Temperature Measurement Option
Your existing PRO-MIC can measure the Thermal Profile of your rolls at the same time that it measures the diameter profile. Our system uses non contact infrared thermocouples to make the measurements. The system operation is virtually unchanged.